Mobile Marketing for Nightclubs in Chicago – Text Marketing is Just Right Day or Night

by BlogAdmin on July 27, 2011

Mobile Marketing for Nightclubs in Chicago : Mobile Marketing is Just Right Day or Night

Mobile Marketing for Nightclubs in ChicagoToday, as cell phones have become an inseparable part of our lives, Chicago Mobile Marketers a Chicago text message marketing company, has developed a very interactive marketing technique in the form of a text messaging service for Nightclubs in Chicago Illinois.

People carry cell phones with them 24-hours a day and mobile marketing has become a very significant way to endorse nightclubs, bars, cafés and social gatherings, with promotions and offers. As 97% of the messages sent are read by the recipient, mobile marketing is a very effective way to get your message across.

Mobile marketing or text messaging is the most successful way to advertise about your nightclub and turn it into a happening place. Chicago Nightclub visitors can read your message even while partying in some other Chicago nightclub, and if your offer is good then it will give them an incentive to leave the club they are at and come to yours!

Text message marketing for nightclubs in Chicago

Night club promotions are essential to the success of your venue. Although there are many forms of advertisements like the newspaper, television, internet, radio, hoarding, etc. none of these advertisement tools will give you the direct and personalized reach like the SMS marketing. Using Chicago Mobile Marketers text messaging software, nightclubs are able to send text message sweepstakes and bulk SMS text messages directly to their customers’ cell phones.

A text messaging service like Chicago Mobile Marketers utilizes mobile technology to give the nightclubs the facility to market to and stay connected with clients through an easy text message. Today, it is very unlikely that people will get into a conversation with strangers. However, with text messaging software all this has changed. With the help of Chicago Mobile Marketers, the nightclubs can create a database of all their clients’ cell phone numbers and use them for future promotions and database marketing.

Nightclub SMS text messaging in Chicago – A real value to the customer

text message marketing for nightclubs ChicagoWhen customers get in line to enter your Chicago nightclub, have them text your short code to join your VIP guest list, showing the automated reply message for discounted entry
Send bulk SMS where all your customers can text your short code and get a chance to get a complimentary VIP table at an upcoming special occasion
Send mobile coupons for special offers on slow nights
Send bulk SMS on the same day as a special event offering free entry to the event
Send last-minute announcement messages from inside the nightclub about the arrival of any particular celebrity
Allow your customers to choose the next song in the playlist
Inform customers about your forthcoming events or about any musical extravaganza by a hot band
Send complimentary or discounted drinks offers to your clients to encourage regular customers and create loyalty.

Today, most Chicago nightclub visitors use text messaging to keep in touch with friends. By utilizing the power of mobile marketing or text message marketing, you can let your customers know that your nightclub is technologically advanced and at the same time cares to show a personal touch.

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